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Wei Zheng Xiang Biscuit started at year 2015 by 3 ambitious young man who actually engaged in Hiong Piah industry since they was still in secondary school. 

The core product "Hiong Piah" or “Heong Peng”, literally means Fragrant Biscuit in Cantonese is one of the best and famous pastry in Ipoh. It legendary flaky and fragranced with maltose filling is a traditional baking pass-down from the older. 

Apart from the famous Hiong Piah, Wei Zhen Xiang Biscuit also attempt to different pastries such as Salted Peanut Candy, one of the best selling product after Hiong Piah, Kaya Puff, Meat Floss with Lotus Paste biscuit, Salted Egg Meat Floss with Lotus Paste Biscuit and Chicken Biscuit. 

Peanut Candy (Peanut Brittle) is also a MUST-HAVE snack when you travel to Ipoh. Different from most of the confectioneries which usually sweet and hard, Wei Zhen Xiang’s peanut candy was roasted peanuts mixed with crispy rice and sesame seeds. The sweetness level was balanced off by a slight salty aftertaste. And to ensure the pastries freshness, we baked daily and 100% no preservative added.

Meanwhile, Wei Zhen Xiang Biscuit will keep explore more and more type of pastries. And we keep the promise to deliver the freshness and tasty pastries to our customers.